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Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec nos commerçants afin d'offrir les dernières innovations en matière d'e-commerce.

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Worldpay’s leading online gateway offers a fast, efficient and flexible connection to all your global eCommerce payment needs.

With a single integration, you can access a suite of functionality and customer-led innovations including 300 global payment types, fraud, risk management, analytics and reporting. Offering choice and flexibility, we'll help customise your payment processing to best suit your customers' preferences and your business needs.

Pourquoi Worldpay ?

Global acquiring access

We are the leading global eCommerce acquirer, fully licensed for the leading card schemes in more than 140 countries. You can access over 300 Alternative Payment Methods, and our team of local experts can give you direction on the perfect global payment mix.

Robust, global, high-capacity solution

Maximise revenue opportunities with high uptime, scalability and global multichannel functionality. We're able to process more than 1,000 transactions per second across the globe. Our secure payment gateway allows you to seamlessly scale and expand into new markets.

Customer-led innovation and insight

Our customers are the focal point for future gateway developments. These are designed to deliver you cost savings, encourage a better payments experience and give a comprehensive suite of value-added services. The end result means your customers receive a seamless payment experience across multiple payment methods, languages and devices.


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Connectez facilement Worldpay à des centaines d'entreprises technologiques de premier plan, comme Shopping Carts, EPOS Systems, Booking Systems & Travel Systems et bien d'autres. Rendez-vous sur Works With Worldpay pour accéder directement à cet ensemble en ligne d'assistance extérieurs, où tous nos partenaires de confiance sont listés.

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